December 26/2009

Here is a quick video of the headers and axle backs installed. The camera does it no justice. It sounds ALOT better in person. X-pipe is next.

Here is the JLT cold air intake installed.

Here is a quick clip of the FRPP Cams. Sound alot better in person. 

Here is a better sound clip of the cams with the idle turned down to 710 from 780rpm. 

Here is an idling video with the X-pipe installed. Exhaust complete. 

One more exhaust clip 

April 16 2010 

Dyno run at Dasilva Racing. 360 BHP

Luskville April 24/2010

1/4 Mile run at Luskville Dragway. Best time was 13.7 @ 104MPH. Could not get my tires to grab off the line. 

Luskville May 1/2010 

Best time was 13.6 @ 104MPH. The Chevelle beat me off the line but I passed him mid track and won. Still having issues hooking up.

Me against a Pontiac GXP 5.3L. 

Luskville May 28/2010 

Ran 13.5 at 106MPH

August 7/2010 at Luskville

Ran a 13.2 at 107mph

Small Burnout

First start after Procharger install.

Procharger install complete.

Dyno Tuning at DaSilva Racing. Made 462whp and 410ft lbs torque.

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