Plans for Winter 2010/2011

Next summer my plans are to get into the 11's on the 1/4 mile run. With this new setup I should have anywhere from 540-580bhp. This works out to somewhere around 450-480whp.


ATI 1FP214-SCI Procharger - Done
Reinstall stock pulleys - Done


FRPP 3:73 rear end - Done
Shaftmasters aluminum drive shaft - Done
J&M Adjustable upper control arm                                                                       
Replace transmission input shaft with a 26 spline - Done                                                                                                                                                                                      Science Friction 26 spline Mean Street clutch - Done                                                                        


Black billet grille to delete the fog lights
Paint the rims - Done
Nitto NT-05R Drag radials - 285/40/18


Complete Saleen Interior - Done
Wideband AFR gauge - Done
Fuel pressure gauge - Done
Boost Gauge - Done

And That should be it...... I think.

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